Bättre sent än aldrig eller hur? Här är bilderna från vårt nyårsfirande (ja, de som kan visas då alltså)

///Better late than never, right? Here are some pics from our New Year celebration! (The ones which can actually be shown in public that is).

Waiting for dinner

Jacob always makes weird faces when cameras are near… but this is us.

Champagne for everyone!

Dinner was absolutely perfect. I normally always cook for NYE but it was nice having somebody else do the cooking for once.

Sis and I toasting at midnight!

We have this tradition that we always sing Robbie Williams’ Angels at Midnight for some reason (I didn’t start this tradition so I have no idea why) and so here we are singing in unison!

All the lovely guys and gals at the party (I am in the mirror!)

And last but not least, Jacob who really wanted to party and didn’t let something as ridiculous as fatigue stop him (yes, you can dance in a chair!)


  1. Ser ut som om ni hade kul. :)


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