10 Things To Do In Copenhagen In Fall & Winter

(Få tips om vad du kan göra i Köpenhamn under höst- och vintermånaderna. Inlägget är på engelska) 

Personally, I really hate the colder months. I am not a Swede by birth (I was born in former Yugoslavia) and I think my body and mind simply isn’t made for the dark, the cold, and staying inside every day. Sure, the first few weeks of fall can be pretty nice, when you get your duvet, make a hot cup of cocoa, and binge watch all the TV-series you’ve missed during summer (lol, kidding, I never miss anything). But after those initial weeks, I’d rather be somewhere just a little bit hotter. Not full on summer hot, but somewhere where I don’t have to have five jackets and ten pairs of gloves just to go buy peanut butter, you know? So I’ve really tried coming up with things that you can do in Copenhagen if you’re living here or just visiting during the cold, boring, winter months. Here goes:

1. Go for a brunch. Copenhagen has so many great brunch spots, but my absolute favorite at the moment is Wulff & Konstali. You pick 5 or 7 courses from the menu and enjoy them with a hot cup of tea/coffee or their freshly squeezed juices. Love this place!

brunch i Köpenhamn

2. Visit Louisiana. Louisiana is a bit outside of Copenhagen, but it’s really easy to get there by train. It is an international museum for modern art, and always has something interesting to see for those who like art and culture. Entry is 110 DKK.

3. Christmas in Christiania. I absolutely love Christiania in the summer – plus there’s a really good vegan/vegetarian restaurant there as well, which I’ve written more about here. In December, there’s a really nice christmas market in Christiania – well worth a visit.

4. Grab a drink (and some sushi) with a view. On top of Tivoli Hotel, there’s a restaurant/bar called Sticks and Sushi, and it has the most amazing view of Copenhagen. You can read more about it here (in Swedish).

5. Drive-in cinema. If you have a car, drive out to Lynge Drive-In cinema. Bring lots of blankets, hot beverages, and something to snack on. It costs around the same as a normal cinema ticket, but so much cozier! ;)

6. Drink tea fit for a queen at Perchs Tearoom. Perch opened in 1835 and the little tea shop still has much of the same interior it had back in the days. The Royal Family are loyal customers, and if you’re a tea fanatic this is a must. Above the little shop, Perch has opened a ”tearoom” where you can taste some of their fantastic teas or have ”high tea” with scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, and everything you’d expect. Make reservations if you’re going on a Saturday!

7. Want to go shopping? Try out Magasin du Nord, which is my favorite department store in Copenhagen, and be sure to check out Simply Chocolate in the basement where you can buy amazing chocolate sticks. You choose which fruit, nougat, marshmallow (if you’re not vegetarian) you want to put on your stick, and then they dip it in the chocolate and topping of your choice. I could live on this.

8. That cheesecake tho‘! Nothing beats the cheesecake at Bertels. There are two locations: one in Frederiksberg, close to where I live, and one in the city centre. Try the caramel or oreo cheesecakes… and have a foodgasm!

9. Prepare for pizza. Head on over to Kødbyen (meat packing district of Copenhagen) and have the best pizza ever at Mother. Do come early or reserve a table in advance.

10. Dance the night away! Put your best shoes on and go dancing in one of the many night clubs around town. KB3 and Jolene are in Kødbyen as well, or if you’re a fancy pants kind of person you should head on over to Zen (don’t like it at all), Hive, or Sunday which are all based in the city centre.

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